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Green Concrete

Green Concrete is a term given to a concrete that has had extra steps taken  in the mix design and placement to insure a sustainable structure and a long  life cycle with a low maintenance surface.

First step in creating a Green Concrete is to waterproof it ASAP. This  Stabilizes the concrete to inhibit the internal chemistry from reacting with an  atmosphere to cause surface degradation problems. A product called StableCrete  can be used to penetrate into a concrete where it forms a solid inside the  gel-pore/capillary system that gives waterproofing protection for a warranted 15  year period! [yes concrete is porous and absorbs water].

A waterproof concrete does not allow contaminates [chlorides being the worst]  to enter the matrix and form corrosion cells on the re-inforcing steel [re-bar].  Rust on steel occurs when the pH of the concrete drops below 11.5 thus  destroying the passivating protective layer on the steel. A Stabilized concrete treated with StableCrete, reduces  the moisture and oxygen content, two of the four ingredients needed for  corrosion to commence.

Concrete will last longer and will not need a repair or replacement if  protected from the start. This makes it “Green”

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